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As a Camp Counsellor, you will likely have two main responsibilities at camp: as a Cabin or General Counsellor and as an assistant, instructor or leader in a specific activity. The activities and sports which ACAWE participants are hired to teach at camps vary greatly. Applicants who have good personal experience, relevant qualifications or experience teaching in any of the following activities, stand a good chance of placement for the summer.

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Experience with children

To apply to Summer Camp USA, it is important that you have some previous experience of working or interacting with children.

The level of experience needed for camp varies and could be anything, from helping out at a club, to teaching your own sports lessons, all depending on the individual needs of the camps.

If you are unsure of whether your skills or experience meet the requirements for Summer Camp USA, please get in contact with the Summer Camps department at JOYST Youth Exchange for further information or clarification.

You may be able to gain more experience and thereby improve your chances, simply by asking in your local community, at schools and weekend clubs if they need any help. Local organisations are often very happy for volunteers to get involved and be a part of their team. You can also improve your chances of placement by working to get a qualification in a sport or other activity at which you are already proficient.

  • Camp directors start hiring in the autumn so apply early to ensure your application is one of the first to be considered by camps for the summer of 2016!
  • When applying to Summer Camp USA, holding current coaching or qualifications in a sport can increase your chances of gaining a successful camp placement.

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    Must be at least 19 years of age before leaving for the USA

    Have experience working with children. Experience with special needs favourable.

    Flexible, outgoing


    • Free housing and meals

    • Insurance

    • DS 2019 form

    • Salary $1800 for nine (9) weeks

Our Activities

Summer Camp Activities
Enrolment in local colleges, 2005


  • Tennis
  • Horse riding
  • Gymnastics
  • Golf
  • Soccer
  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • Hockey
  • Martial arts
  • Volleyball
  • Lacrosse
  • Fitness/weights
  • Roller hockey


  • Boat driving
  • Windsurfing
  • Water-skiing
  • Lifeguarding
  • Sailing
  • Canoeing
  • Kayaking
  • Swim teaching


  • Boat driving
  • Windsurfing
  • Water-skiing
  • Lifeguarding
  • Sailing
  • Canoeing
  • Kayaking
  • Swim teaching

Arts & crafts

  • Ceramics
  • Handicrafts
  • Weaving Woodwork
  • Painting Drawing
  • Batik/printing
  • Candle making
  • Macramé
  • Model Making
  • Sewing
  • Silk

Program COST

J$3,000 – non refundable

Application & Administration
US360 – US175 is non- refundable

SEVIS (US government)
US40 – non-refundable – included in fees

Airfare to destination • Visa application fees

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